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TRICK OR TREAT!: Chara's Halloween Upbringing
Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has been my absolute favorite holiday! I can remember the happiness I felt every time the local Spirit Halloween would open, when Party City started holding the cheap Halloween stuff I would constantly beg my mother to buy me. Ever since I was old enough to remember, I would plan my Halloween outfits in great detail, even if it was only a costume I got from the kids' section in the stores. My collection of favorite Halloween movies grew as I did and as time went on, Halloween became more and more nostalgic for me.

Sometime around 2012 while I was in first grade, my family and I went on a trip to Disney World in Orlando during Halloween time. We attended Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This is one of my most treasured memories of Halloween time, even as hard as it is to remember from how long ago it was. That was one of my first experiences of a big Halloween party and it only further surged my obsession with the holiday.

From a young age, I would attend the Asbury Park Zombie Walk and although I haven't gone for many years, it's an important part of my memories of Halloween. Alongside this, my obsession with the cult-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show plays a huge role in my Halloween experiences. My schools' Halloween dances and the many activities I experienced during the time would always hold a special place in my heart, even those as recent as of last year. The yearly Halloween specials and the more recent creepy YouTubers I became interested in are just some of the media I love to watch during that time of year. Halloween songs, horror movies, pumpkin picking, dressing up, and of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes; so many personal stories and experiences create the best sort of feeling I have around the time of year in which Halloween comes.

I love Halloween even now, not just for the nostalgia or importance it holds in my memory from being a kid, but for the timeless fun that comes from it. Even at 16, I can still attend Halloween parties and dress up, expressing myself and my favorite characters/creativity in a multitude of ways. Although this may sound all cheesy, Halloween truly is just such an important part of my life and my favorite holiday! With this page I hold my collection of some of my favorite Halloween goodies and everything that makes me happy about the holiday itself.

Tons of inspiration for this page is from FairyTrash! Check her Halloween page out there!

MONSTER MASH: Halloween Over the Years
These are some images of my costumes/outfits over the years. To keep some privacy, I don't upload any other images of me for this Halloween page aside from these. All people who I do not know are allowing me to put their faces on her I have blurred out! This will be updated to have more pics of me as a younger child/toddler when I get a hold of the images. Hover for some commentary! [THIS IS A WIP!]