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i got a full scholarship. holy shit. i got a FULL scholarship. i got a full scholarship for the summer precollege program. the one i've been talking about for basically FOREVER. it still doesn't feel real. i can't believe it. i'm going to go to an amazing fucking precollege program and learn a shit ton of stuff of art and be able to do a ton of art and i'm gonna have a dorm and i'm gonna be rooming with my best friend AND AGHSUGSDHGSIODGHJ*E(OIWSTUS)E(FRJSDIOFSJO!!H!!HOISd. my best friend got a half scholarship and i really really want her to go with me so i posted hoping that someone could help her get the rest of the $3,000 she needs to pay for it!! please please share and donate if you can!! i have really nothing else to write. i'm so excited. i got the call for the scholarship on the 23rd and since then i've been riding that high. go me!!! today i'm gonna get all my homework and other stuff done so that tomorrow i can have a lazy day and just worry about work. god this scholarship thing is really gonna get me thru the rest of the year


i'm writing a diary entry so that will have more of the information i want to talk about but i wanted to put a blog post because i've been neglecting these. they're supposed to be short and i really liked writing them so much because they didn't take all that much time and yet i completely forgot to do them for almost an entire month..i feel really bad but this seems to be a constant theme. however, i really want to start working on this site and actually do things. i think that since ap testing is coming up after that is all over i'll be able to focus on this but for now i just gotta accept that i might not get 30 things done at once. well, lately i've been watching mlp so i guess that's one thing. i also watched eeaao and it hurt so bad. what else is new?? umm i'm gonna see if i get my scholarship soon! today is a lazy day for me so i might just leave this blog entry at that. diary entry here i come!


i am. so tired. i really want spring break to happen because all my friends have spring break right now but mine is in fucking april!!! AUGHHHH!!!! i feel like exploding. i've been working on homework since 7pm when i got home from work. lately i've literally just been working and going home to do more work every single day. and then when i go to school half the time it's spent laying down in class or sleeping because i lost so much sleep from doing schoolwork. i'm still not even done with my work. i really hope as the weeks go on i can come back to this site more often. i can't wait until spring break and furthermore summer vacation so i will have more time to pay attention to myself and this site...i hope i can talk to you all more


i just got out of therapy and i talked so so much during therapy lol. i just really rambled for the entire time and half of it wasn't even about like my emotions. i mentioned something for a very small time but that's about it. the rest was just me talking about random stuff that i was thinking about while i did work. right now, i need to read a book and do homework for it but i really just have no motivation to do so. i've been struggling with motivation in general even for this site but i really want to try to do this more this weekend- especially because i have monday off. i hope i can get some shrine stuff done and more of the pages on my docs. lately, i've been watching breaking bad with my friends and i'm kind of extremely into it. i don't know if this is just a gay thing for people to like breaking bad or whatever. i'm excited to see how things go down though because i literally have like no spoilers. i also have been playing needy streamer overload lately even though objectively it's not that good of a game. i feel like people hyped it up too much but it's pretty mid in a good way i suppose. i'm just gonna get all the endings then never play it again and instead play omori cause at least that's more like story based. i have work all weekend and i'm not looking forward to that...


i never noticed how gay the lyrics for rosy by olivia hye and gowon was. anyway, i've been neglecting my neocities lately..i'm sorry! i was planning on working on it this weekend but i got caught up in visiting my family and then with dnd and a ton of homework. on friday, i got yelled at by my ap psych teacher for not reading the ap psych chapters and writing notes and i just thought that was insane cause she had JUST gotten the 504 papers that i got in. like that means she literally knows i just got a 504 and is still on my ass. whatever i guess. i watched like half of the superbowl today since i only was watching for the half time show like most people. rihanna was really good but she also didn't perform please don't stop the music, disturbia, s&m or pon de replay so i'm angry. after the half time show was over i've been downstairs doing homework. i'm gonna be able to skip school tomorrow so i can get home from here but that also means i have to do my homework still. sigh....wish me luck again...!


today i went to the MVC and it was shit. i will tell that crazy story in my diary entry for today. right now though, im watching avu chan's live. i know its for 0 nen 0 kumi and i actually have not watched any episode yet. sorry avu chan i will watch eventually. lately, i've been actually pretty lazy and it's making me upset. like right now i am literally procastinating two art projects i have to do. buttttttt i guess i will do it eventually. i started a bit of it and right now im waiting for something to dry for a part of my art project. aside from that, i've been working on schoolwork i suppose but i do have a lot of other things to do. i haven't been working on comms and i feel so bad T__T but im gonna try to get them done by next weekend wish me luck!


my scholastic art awards were extremely dissapointing at best and heartbreaking at worst. i got only an honorable mention for a piece i poured my heart into about my grandfather. i know i shouldn't take it personally but i am, in fact, taking it personally. if i had moved onto nationals and then got an honorable mention it would be different and i would've been fine with it really but for regionals? god its fucked up. i think what makes me the most angry is that this means no one will see my art at a gallery. for most of the regions, they present all regional awards but for mine its only gold key winners. which i think is fucked up since gold keys are the only ones going to national judging so why not just present everyone. sigh. at least this has convinced me to do better for ap art and more next year so that i can get actual awards. if next year i get nothing of note again i will actually explode. well. on another note, school is good lately. i just need to fix some grades and then i will be done with this marking period. and i got a 504! just angry about art now. i'll cope


i haven't updated my blog since december!! i have been really lacking with my neocities updates...i'm sorry guys T__T i've been in a weird place of constantly being stressed over everything and it just leads to me sleeping a lot. but i'm gonna try to stop doing that and actually start doing things again! especially because i have such little actual schoolwork lately. i just have to do simple shit since the marking period is almost over. i'm hoping that with the end of the marking period, thing will get easier and i'll have more time to work on neocities. i also wanna start working on my saw shrine again as i just remembered i really liked that. it gives good old shitty web design vibes and i think that's perfect for saw. i think i'll definitely write more in my actual diary entry but for now this is all i got...!


ever since christmas i've been laying down. i was sick for a little bit, but i got better since it was mostly being congested. i had a super fun christmas but like i said, i don't feel like going through all my gifts. i must say that the weighted blanket was one of my favorite gifts though..allistics will never understand how awesome a weighted blanket is. for the new year weekend, i'm staying in pennsylvania. coding my neocities while in my great-grandmother's house is exactly how i started this year and it feels like a poetic closing. i think it's nice and i really am excited for the start of the new year. i am getting all my school stuff done now so by the new year i can just worry about dressing cute for school lol. aside from that, i ordered the new queen bee/ziyoou vachi album!! i'm super excited for it to come and i also ordered a shirt off buyee so i can try to style queen bee into my coords lol. i think this year i will start actually doing ootds and stuff like that. my 2022 recap page should have a lot of my goals for the year/resolutions so i hope you guys will check it out! i think that's all i got for today...happy early new years!


christmas. just a day away. christmas! just in a day? can you believe it guys? christmas! only a day away. i am so happy about this information. christmas! it came here so fast. anyway, i work christmas eve and christmas day. i think i may have mentioned that before but i'm a little bit irked about it. however, it does mean i make time and a half and one of my coworkers that is really good at getting shit done is gonna be working today. so that means it should probably not be that difficult. plus the menu for today is like. sandwiches. anyway! i finished my diary entry that was basically just a haul of birthday gifts and i decided no way am i doing that for christmas cause there was already too many. but either way, i'm super excited for christmas. i can't wait to have eggnog pancakes and hot chocolate and watch disney christmas stuff and all that. i'm also working on my 2022 review page which i'm gonna try to make an annual thing. i think the worst part of that was trying to find line stickers based on new years. but thankfully i found some cute ones. wish me luck!


today was very interesting. i had a 5 hour long call with my good friends cousin asexual gc (don't ask) where we played caligula effect 1. it was...interesting. no it really wasn't it was actually the most mid game. the animation is shit and it reminds me of fucking yandere simulator. even so i'm a little bit attached to the characters. and the npcs. it's interesting. emmy keeps telling me that tce2 is way better and i trust doll. however, i cannot get over the absolute shit that is this first game. in cousin asexual chat, we do not play good games. instead, we play terrible games and then play hello charlotte every year during christmas. anywho, we also watched the spongebob christmas specials. the 2002 one and the stop motion one. those are some of my favorite things to watch to get into the christmas mood- we did that last year too so i think it's just a cousin asexual holiday tradition to watch spongebob and play hello charlotte. aside from cousin asexual shenanigans, i finished and turned in all my stuff for the art competition today! that's a huge relief off my shoulders. i still have a short film festival cover to finish but that's true the three days til my birthday guys!!! i'm almost 17


work is so fun. i never thought i would say that but i am. it's so repetitive and i get into the mood really quick and i'm even bringing on some of my friends so it should be even MORE fun. i'm so excited. we put up the tree a little while ago and have been decorating it every now and then. soon, we really need to bust out our actual ornaments. i love character ornaments that we have- especially the spongebob ones. lately i have been working on art stuff for my AP application portfolio and the scholastic art competition. it's troublesome but i should be done with it soon. i've also been using tumblr more and more, especially my sideblogs. since i was a kid, i've loved using sideblogs because it really is a way for me to contain my autism. right now, i'm trying to use my magical girl sideblog the most since it's precure leak season! speaking of magical girls...something very sad for me happened :( a magical girl data youtuber named virgoxflow was apparently hacked and now only one of his magical girl videos remain. im heartbroken!!! since he was very niche there's no reuploads or anyone with them. i'm so upset about this because he was a way for me to keep data in my own magical girl document (which you can read some of it here but its a big wip). if anyone here who likes magical girls has ANY of his videos please please PLEASE tell me wahhh T_T. im so upset about it. i think that's all i have to say for today...i'll write a diary entry later on tonight as well!


long time no blog post woops! i've been sick and doing work but hey guys i have a new job. i went to my first day a little before thanksgiving. it was really fun and super like repetitive so i really enjoy it. plus it's a lot less interaction than my older job. aside from that, i've been working on some art projects for a few competitions at my school and hopefully i will at least win one of them. i have been playing so much fucking project sekai lately, my autism is kicking in and its like the only thing i can think about lately. i fucking love kanamafu and mizuena i care them so so much. i'm only on engsekai because i really cannot be damned to change my apple account just to play jpsekai again. so right now im trying to tier for the current event and im doing relatively okay but it's very fucking annoying that every time i go to bed i wake up like 400 tiers down than what i was. i'm also working on a lot of art because i'm gonna be applying for an artist alley spot for a con near me. so yeah, i've been really productive for everything except this site. hey, went down and now i have to change half of my pixels. this is what i get for hyperlinking i guess.


i'm basically all but confirmed with my setup for my new job!! i'm really excited to start working. i got a tuberculosis test for it today which i had never had before so it was weird and there were needles but it turned out fine. my brother's birthday is on thanksgiving this year which i'm super excited about since we're visiting friends for his birthday and thanksgiving. hate thanksgiving as a holiday of course but i LOVE the food! and of course the parade- one of my all time favorite parts of november. i've been going pretty steady with my christmas gifts lately. i have the ones for my online friends all done and ready to get sent out asap and then that's all finished! the only thing i have to worry about right now is work and tests...the marking period ended so i need to make up all my stuff asap or else my grades will suck for the 1st quarter. i'm working on it but it's hard like most schoolwork is. being sick sucked. i'll deal with it though.


no one ever talks about how fucking much nyquil makes your eyes burn. i'm so sleepy right now but i actually cannot fall asleep no matter how hard i try so i'm writing this blog entry. i have the flu and i feel like shit. i played a ton of nier for my friends yesterday like. 7 hours of it but i didn't really do anything much else. however, playing games is productive TO ME. i haven't had much interesting else happen lately aside from this 4 day weekend that is coming to a close tonight and i am gonna have to miss school tomorrow cause im sick. being sick sucks. speaking of (actually not related at all) what the fuck is going on? dreamie got outed for being a racefaker or smth?? strange. peculiar even. idk this shit is crazy. i'm going to bed


i wrote a diary entry today and set up the diary page itself. i think it looks really cute even though it's simple and not christmassy themed. i think i'm gonna make just my december diary be christmas themed instead of like the homepage or the index because i really don't wanna change my index and homepage since i just changed it. aside from the stuff i said in my diary entry, some of my tooth fell out. like my full on adult tooth. i really do not know why but it's freaking me out and i will use it to my advantage to not have to do the rest of my art project. speaking of art, i'm getting stuff ready for my art precollege program. i'm going to school tomorrow and i have to make up a dbq during lunch and it's gonna suck but i only have 2 days of school this week. i'm hoping i can just get through it. wish me luck!


i'm so happy that i'm almost done with my homepage. im just gonna have to get my actual enter page setup and then boom new hunipyon era. i'm so happy with my page and i put a lot of effort into it so i can't wait to start working on other pages. i need to set up my diary page for november and then i'm gonna rework my dream diary page and unfortunately probably just make it yume nikki themed. i'm sure that's the most basic thing ever but unfortunately i am autistic and really like yume nikki + every single one of its fangames. its really just so fun. i've been watching asprey play yume 2kki to go to bed lately yall should check him out. it's really good background noise and just fun in general. i've finished all my work for school this week aside from my dbq that i need to make up. i guess i'll just deal with it though. i had a really bad experience today with ableism bc of gym class and i'm kinda really upset about it but i'm trying to code to ignore it lol. i can't even go into specifics cause it's too tiring to think about. tl;dr: gym teachers suck and gym advisors suck. i'm going to go to sleep now..i have a birthday party to go to tomorrow!


it's been a while! that's okay, really, since this is a personal passion project site and not anything i ever need to stress about. needless to say adopting that mindset may actually make me do more of this site than i was before when i was stressing out to get one page newly done a day. that was honestly ridiculous lol. so here i am again! it's october now and i have started my halloween outfit. i'm being columbia from rocky horror and i'm doing a group costume too. i'm super duper excited esp because im making the costume mostly myself. aside from that, lately i've been working on a game and have gotten some good ideas. i watched moral orel in three days and it changed my brain chemistry as well. i think that im going to try to redo and completely start some pages today whether in concept or actual coding. specifically i wanna fix up my dream diary and my homepage. then i'm gonna play some validate which btw is a fucking awesome dating sim yall should play it.


im too sick to write blog posts :( probably no real updates for a little but ill be working on this site in the background. ive been playing too much of the sims lately and roblox


yesterday i decorated for halloween. it really feels like halloween is getting closer!! i'm so happy and super excited. it's my favorite holiday aside from christmas. aside from halloween, i've actually been feeling sick lately but i'm taking medicine and i've tested so thankfully it's not covid. i think it's just a cold that's going around at my school. unless i get a fever i can't leave school though, so unfortunately i'm just gonna have to deal with taking dayquil and nyquil. anyway did you guys hear about ned fulmer from try guys cheating on his wife? i seriously cannot believe that's real like how did he fumble ariel...?!?!? it's gonna be so awkward watching try guys videos from now on now. i usually watch them when i'm bored and i binge all their vids. welp. whatever. i'm gonna try to draw some today and then work on my home page even if i dont finish it today i'm just gonna start it up. i'm hoping to make my pages halloween themed! will be editing my index page asap. if there's anything more fun today maybe i'll make another blog post but for now cya


i did all my homework today so i don't have to deal with any of my work during my actual school days. tomorrow is one of my days off so im gonna work on my site and play some games. team grub lost and now i want to die but its ok guys. i didnt really do much today except just draw and do my work so this is like the shortest entry ever but still. i hope i can work more on my site tmr


i've been playing so much splatoon 3 guys its a problem. #TEAMGRUPSWEEP idk why we're losing tho this kinda sucks. i also have almost all of my work done so far which is so fun cause it means i can take advantage of my four day weekend! only on day one and im gonna try to finish my apush stuff tonite and then do some coding. i also wanna try to do some art because i need to get more in the habit of making art esp cause im applying for ap art. i decided that i'm going to start working on a simple roblox game to practice my game dev skills and hopefully gain some clout from it so then when i drop real games its good! i wanna make actual media to get my name out there bc i wanna get money from my work. i haven't been working at my job lately bc my mom got covid but now she's better so i'm hoping i can get more money by actually working again. school is giving me a lot of work and i haven't really been doing good in psych yet but i know i will eventually. idk there's not much else going on lately which is good cause it just means i have nothing bad to talk about. i went thrifting today for my halloween costume! im being columbia from rocky horror. i didn't find much for my costume but i can always just find them someplace else. i'm so excited for halloween + fall season yippee!!!!!


[tw drugs mention] i've been having a ton of good days at school lately which is really fun and good for me especially because i've been able to dress up cute and have all these fun times. i have a trip to a zoo in october for my art class soon too! yesterday i started breaking bad after almost a full year of my friend trying to convince me to watch it. i didn't know much aside from the meth so its interesting. im liking it so far aside from the slurs. ive also been able to dress all cute at school too because ive been getting up early and getting to make tea. basically, this week's going well! i got a 97 on my apush test and only a 70% on my ap psych test but its still pretty good. it's the first day of fall! i love fall. it's amazing!! im not sure if theres much else to say, im just doing good lately...i hope it keeps like this


guys. i did it. i'm coding this site again. i'm actually doing stuff. i've started my song journal. don't tell anyone this but i stole code from 5amgf. stealing things from terfs is always morally correct! its just one part though so it's no biggie lmao. anyway, i started doing my apush work in advance so i wouldn't be stressed this week but then surprise i apparently somehow missed a homework assignment for ap psych cause i had no memory of it being assigned. now because of it having a 0 in grades and there only being 3 grades in the system so far i have a D. i literally hate school bro. but its okay everyone i'm forcing my friend to go out to get burger king tomorrow so everything is fine. today i went to my national art honors society meeting too and there's an art club meeting on friday! i'm so excited for AP art; i can't wait to make a portfolio. in art rn we're working on stippling here's a wip so far. i'm going to work more on my song journal and hopefully finish it soon! my plan is to change the images, colors, and songs/albums whenever i feel like it but not the layout itself and keep an archive of the older vers on the side. rn i'm making it wxs/emu themed. i like it so far!!


i still haven't gotten covid...yet. i had a dream where i got it so now i'm a little nervous but i hope that it wasn't one of those prophetic dreams. i keep having a few of those which kinda suck. i also really wanna write a diary on mystic messenger which i think i'm gonna try to do today. mysmes is like one of those comfort games of mine even though i mostly just like jaehee and rika (i am a lesbian). i started looking at roblox creator and its uh. its a little bit hard. i guess i should've expected that because it wasn't gonna be as easy as ren'py which i used for a literal school project before. but then again, i'm also trying to make a yume nikki fangame in rpg maker. idk what to do first for my sucks!! ive been napping most of this weekend, and thankfully most of my work is done. i have a lot to figure out esp with how im in AP classes. collegeboard sucks. oh! i got splatoon 3. i love it so far. im being autistic abt it even tho i never played the other two. maybe ill watch the story modes LOL. ok im gonna watch my friend play NITW and then try to code more today. hopefully i actually will...i've been saying that for like. a week.


yippee my mother has covid /s. i kinda feel stressed the fuck out cause my parents keep fighting and shit but im trying not to be. i finished jaehee's route in mysmes today and then did her after ending + valentines day after ending because im gay and normal and well adjusted. so at least that makes me feel much better. im also making progress on my work and most of it is done. since the weekend is so soon and tomorrow is the senior fun day at my school i dont have much to do. im glad i can just rest, though if i have symptoms of covid i cant even work tomorrow. i was supposed to work today but couldnt make it. i'm fine with that honestly but i'm bummed out about money. i hope more people commission me...anyway i bought my sister splatoon 3 and by sister i mean me as well. it's downloading rn i'm really excited. this weekend i will seriously work on my site!! i've been so busy and tired i haven't been but i promise i will at least get some done!! i also wanna start making a roblox game...cringe i know but itd be a good learning experience...i'll update you guys on that!!


today was one of my friends birthday. i think he doesn't check my neocities so i can say what i got him...! i got a cute pusheen kigurumi. i'm so excited for him to get it, since i literally ordered it the day before it's gonna take a while. aside from that, i've been having some fun at school lately which is surprising. most of my classes are pretty good. my math class too even! my math class is all open book even during tests so that's perfect for my crazy brain. i have a comm and a zine piece to work on that i've been sort of procrastinating but i'm gonna start tomorrow. idk there's not much more that happened today aside from maybe i played find the poptarts on roblox. im a sad sad human. i need to start working on this site again aghhh


oh my god it's been so long since i wrote is the worst. halloween is soon-ish though so i am very excited. right now instead of doing work i am sitting here doing cookie clicker cause i forgot my meds today so im super out of it. i might just sleep and then hope i can do it. this week, we have testing, so since i dont have to do it i get a 2 and a half hour delay. i'm happy about that but that also means all my teachers are forcing work onto me for homework and not for actually at school. i hope that i can actually get my stuff done- i'm already a little behind cause of a wedding i went to. i think that junior year so far is just seriously the worst. im getting a shit ton of work for no reason. i suppose it's fair because it's right before our last year of hgih school but it's still just annoying. i really wanna just go and i'm gonna start working on this site more asap. i wanna remake the home page, maybe i'll get it done somehow?? hopefully! that's all i got for now at least...see you soon guys!


i haven't wrote here in a few days but that's mostly because i've been drowning in summer assignments!! i never understood the point of them. summer is supposed to be our break, why do we gotta do more work? not to mention the amount of work for AP classes is insane. i know they say it's to get us "prepared" but you can literally just prepare us when we actually get to the class. no need to make me spend my last few days of freedom during the summer with doing work. not to mention i have a commission and a zine piece to do so its even more busy right now. i'm going to try to finish my summer work today and then immediately work on my art. im a little behind but im going to try my best to get everything i have to do done and not stress out over anything. school starts on the 6th and i'm somewhat excited to have a schedule again but having work is gonna be suckish. not to mention, i keep having late night shifts at my job and they really need to cut that out because i can't do that shit with school. i have two AP classes for gods sake. well, hopefully i'll be able to talk to my boss. i need to catch up on delicious party precure too. oh so much to do...i'll make it though! fighting!


i went to KCON NYC with one of my best friends today! quite a number of interesting things happened...first of all, the concert was honestly amazing. i went to the line store before and it was a lot of walking and i struggled but we got there safe and sound. we started girl from nowhere which oh my god just from the first two episodes was amazing! i can't wait to watch more of it. i didn't really know much of the lineup but i did know stayc because my friend wanted me to get into them and now i probably will...i like isa LOL. cravity was also good and i really liked lightsum. after the concert we went to mcdonalds. big mistake. we missed the train home and had to run to find the train station and i almost passed out like 3 times but we made it and then our train was cancelled and we had to take another one. crying in a train station in NYC is insane cause literally everyone just pretends they do not see you bro no one tries to help. thankfully, we made it home safe and sound even though it was around 12 am. i'm glad i went though, it was one of those learning experiences. next time i'll check trains schedules more than this...


went back to school shopping today! i really love shopping, i got a ton of cute stuff and i ordered some usahana stuff on depop so i think i have my first day of school clothes all set up already. im super excited to have a schedule because of school. i am not looking forward to the work but i am looking forward to being able to see my friends and all the teachers that i actually like. the usahana stuff i got is a character backpack and a crochet hat. i seriously love usahana, but i wish there were more affordable things of her. if only she was more goal in life is to get usahana to win the most popular sanrio character contest one day. aside from all that, i've been working on my summer assignments. sure, they were supposed to be done a very long time ago but uhh i am a master procastinator so i didn't really do any of it. i have an entire apush and ap psych project to get done and surprise surprise i also have fucking environmental science assignments. there's no reason for half of these summer assignments to exist. i am very tired of that shit. well, i'll deal with it. tomorrow i'm going to kcon NYC with a friend even though i'm only into loona. i'm mostly gonna be there for moral support. i'm excited to be around NYC though, it's one of my favorite places to be even though it's ugly as shit kinda. well, whatever lol. hopefully i can get my summer assignments finished tomorrow!


well. i fucked up my diary page and am gonna have to recode it. i understand my way of coding is not very well...the best ...but its such a bother when i have to reset everything because of it. as i go on im sure i'll get better but im still an amateur right now, so. what can ya do /shrug. but aside from that, today i've worked on my dream diary page. i based it off lsd dream emulator since basing it off of any ynfg or just yume nikki itself was too cliche. i really like how it looks so far! i wanted to put a filter over it but it was far too flashy. anywho, i'm really excited to start cataloguing my dreams, but i just need to figure out how i want to set up the diary itself. i got my teeth done today too! got 5 filled, and they look a lot better than before. i'm really happy about being able to take care of my teeth cause as a poor person im so used to just. having gross teeth but. something's happening finally! today i also started cleaning out my room by organizing my closets and drawers. tomorrow i will go back to school shopping and get clothes then try to do more organizing of my room. i hope it can actually be cute lol. im excited for the mall tomorrow!

08.27 to 08.28.22

well, i wrote a diary entry. i finished the diary page!! im so happy about it. i know my writing in regards to diaries are kinda shit- i'm a little bit of a bad storyteller. but im trying my best. aside from what's in my diary, i've been working on an rp server lately. i was in one before but i realized i...kinda hated it and it was mostly based on the mod's characters. plus there were too many people in it and also like...lots of ableism. but YKNOW! whatever. i'll make a better one. i think that tomorrow i'm going to try to get back into japanese lessons. i have work but maybe i can get it in before. i really need to get back on it because i need to know enough for my japan trip. i also get paid tomorrow so i'm looking forward to that but my legs are sore from dancing during the sleepover so i'm scared it'll suck. well, i'll try. i'm gonna take a bath now and maybe go to bed so i can actually go through with those japanese lessons


i went to sesame place today! adding this on the 27th but i wrote it yesterday lol. it was so so much fun. i am such a sucker for theme parks, especially ones with very common aesthetics and sesame place is just that. its all colorful and happy and kiddish. i love it so much. plus im super autistic abt any muppets and it was so fun seeing stuff abt them and their character suits! i even saw big bird and a bunch of other characters in a mini parade they did!! i sort of caved and bought some stuff...a cookie monster headband (with his eyes) and the cutest bert and ernie plushies. i also got a snuffy plush for my lil sister. we both love the muppets so this was heaven for us. the rides were really fun too; i just wish there were more walkaround characters i saw...there was only cookie monster, abby, big bird, and elmo in the parade. it was a little sad but i enjoyed everything anyway. tomorrow is my big sleepover; so i probably wont work on much when it gets close to when it starts. but i hope to work on some of the layout of my diary page. im almost done with it! i just need a few more things added then its finished. i hope i can make it to sesame place another time; its some of the most fun ive had this summer so far


got home from work woohoo. today was weird; customers at work fucking sucked and dudes love to harass me there which is bullshit but. yknow. i guess i gotta deal with it. anyway, ive started my diary page. i was actually gonna do just august diary but i decided ill start my monthly different codes later esp bc its already the 25th and that means ill code this for a few days and have it literally just be used for like. a week. im going to sesame place tomorrow though! so i cant really work on it too much tonight. plus ive got a bad shoulder ache so i gotta rest it and typing doesnt really help lol. im excited for sesame place and im extra excited that the day after is my big annual sleepover with my friends. i cant wait!!!! today was shit but the things im looking forward to made it worth while. hope to code at least some of my diary page promises tho, ill be hanging out with bert and ernie #gaymarriage


i just set up this page! i actually really love this theme, repth has such cute layouts. im sure i couldve coded something like this myself (not saying this in some sort of "im above layouts" type of way) but sometimes i just really love simple themes and preestablished layouts help me with all that. it reminds me of tumblr themes a bit, and i like that a lot as an ex-tumblr theme creator. anyway, aside from this, i've been planning lots of my other pages today and yesterday. im really excited to get started on my shrines! i have a sleepover to look forward to this weekend. very excited abt also playing lots of my hello kitty cafe and its making me so excited for my trip to japan in 2024 with my girlfriend and one of my other friends. im really happy lately, which is good! simple things are making me feel good, esp coding and watching youtube. safiya nygaard is like a comfort youtuber by now. im off to play my hello kitty cafe again for my dailies