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february 26, 2022
cw for some pics of animatronics i guess?
do you guys ever have just the weirdest fucking dreams about your niche interests and then wake up and go jesus christ i need to stop watching videos about animatronics and the history of rock-a-fire explosion and chuck-e-cheese cause that happened to me. honestly i need to stop having outlandish ideas because for some reason my subconscious thinks i have the capability to actually create animatronics or run an entire animatronic pizzeria. weird shit i tell you

so the dream started out where i was like going to chuck-e-cheese for a birthday party (despite this birthday party being for my 17th birthday i guess i have my priorities in check). in real life i had just got the number of someone who i thought was cool from my school and for some reason they were there then and i vividly remember going "oh my gosh, you made it [name]?" and them going back "yeah of course" or something like that. they were wearing like a black shirt that had like squiggly white lines on it. i thought it was weird that someone i had just got the number of had come to my birthday party but i didnt think much of it cause usually im like semi-lucid in dreams and just explain it with "well that's a dream thing". anyway all the rest of my irl friends were there and my entire family was there too.

in my dream this wasn't your AVERAGE NORMIE chuck e cheese it was a BIG one it was like pizzaplex size. there was a golf course and laser tag and for some reason there were just like dodgeballs all around the place and you could play with them and throw them and the walls weren't hitting the ceiling so sometimes theyd fall into employee only areas. aside from that there was like a "mini-animatronic" place where it was kinda similar to like the puppet band from pee wee's playhouse as far as the stage looked and the animatronics looked. they looked exactly like the puppets but somehow they were animatronics in my mind ig. i dont think my brain knows how engineering works
[w.i.p i got bored and now im gonna play roblox]

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