night of 9/19/22 - tw animal death
had a dream where we were in some post apocalyptic world where i don’t really know what was happening but my grandfather (i call him batman plus he’s dead lol) was there. it was mostly normal at least the world itself except we just were somehow running out of food but rich people weren’t. so batman snuck us into a hotel to have its breakfast. somehow the way they figured out we weren’t hotel residents was that my hair was wet (i don’t know why) and one of the workers was like “i know for a fact i didn’t hear a shower last night. how is your hair wet if you stayed here?” i just said “i’m really greasy” and then ran out as my siblings and batman kept eating. it was snowing outside and this woman who ended up being my friend’s mom was getting arrested. we waved at each other and as she was getting handcuffed we just talked about our criminal record i guess. she asked “what do you got” i responded with “one speeding ticket (i don’t even drive i don’t know why i said that) and i guess now a misdemeanor” dream me apparently didn’t know what a misdemeanor was. the police came to me and then arrested me for taking the hotel breakfast but batman came out of nowhere and took me and my siblings away in his big pickup truck. after that i can’t remember if that part was finished in my dream so the part i remember is now i was in some supermarket. think of like some omega mart thing. the lights had gone off and my cat was there but only one of them- creamsicle- and my friend aidan decided that all cats needed to die to get energy. i can’t remember how it happened but somehow creamsicle was in a box and was dying and i hugged him and cried. i got so angry at aidan and screams at him and kept repeating “YOU KILLED MY CAT”. i honestly had a sneaking suspicion that this was a dream by now because i kept changing where i was out of nowhere. i was now at some apartment and was breaking people’s kpop light sticks because i was angry. that was important to them for some reason though i never really found out. the only other memory of this dream i have is shooting guns in a mall; it was very much like the first fear street?? i only watched one lol. but it was like the ending of it cause something was chasing me. i woke up and decided to make sure my cat was okay. thankfully, he was and lenore was sleeping with me. i got up and creamsicle decided to cuddle with me too lol

night of 9/18/22 - had a strange dream last night that honestly felt real. most of the time my dreams i can tell are dreams or at least have that sort of uncanny valley feeling but this one honestly felt like a memory. i tend to have memories as dreams so i genuinely woke up and thought it was just what happened yesterday. anyway, it was that since my mother had covid, my dad kept going to the ER everyday or so to get a test. i'm not sure why the ER let him do that but apparently in this dream he was working physically, although he doesn't actually do that irl. he works online from home. so my sister and brother started feeling bad after my sister had taken a sip of one of my mother's drink (because she's stupid. this actually happened tho. and so they all quarantined. on this day my dad got back home from work and he was crying and we were like what the hell is happening?? so turns out he apparently went to the ER and tested positive. but although he's the one that worries the most and is kinda passive aggressive about having covid (in a scary way, like saying our cats would have it. its not wrong but he uses harsh measures to scare us to quarantine) he still went to work physically. so now apparently he got fired. which like, makes sense and we kept all asking like why did you do that there's no reason for you to have done that. then my mom realized that without his job we're gonna lose our house, that of which we're already gonna lose in general. it just meant we're losing it faster this time. i know that after this we all kinda cried. i have a vague memory of a different dream, one with being in a pool and a girl being there and underneath the pool there were eyes?? but i can't remember anything else so the first dream is mostly what i know. it was interesting i guess; hopefully i'll have more fun lucid dreams

night of 9/17/22 - had a dream where my girlfriend cut off her hair and had super short hair and i sobbed over it. that's literally all i remember

what's so important about dreams?


september to october 2022