New Year Party Ribbons

2022 Year in Review

i'm not sure what word i would be able to describe my 2022 with. maybe...unpredictable? it feels as though i couldn't have gotten a break within the entirety of the year. every single time i'd sit down and try to relax, something either absolutely terrible or something good would've happened. if we're being honest, i think that a huge part of my 2022 was simply ruined by trauma. i know that's a depressing thing to say but losing someone in your family that was so important to you does something to your brain. i can honestly barely remember anything from January-May. but at least i will try for this page!

how was 2021?

if we're being honest, i could not even tell you what happened last year. i keep getting things that happened in 2021 and things that happened in 2022 mixed up it's a little bit embarrassing but at least i have photos in my phone to be able to tell the difference. anywho, i'm not sure how i would describe my 2021. the end of freshman year was nice- i remember having a very good summer and being able to go to the beach with a friend of mine

similarly, last year, i went back to real life school. it was a hard change from online to irl but thankfully i was able to cope with it and i honestly had a lot of fun. i think that last year was a big turning point in my healing of a certain friendship i had. i was finally able to get out of an abusive friendship, and i think that my life has been so much better since

another huge part of my 2021 was my increase in my magical girl special interest and subsequently, what actually led me to creating this site. i was planning on making this a magical girl site firstly, but it ended up becoming far more personal as it went on. i wouldn't call this sites creation actually 2021, as in the beginning of 2022 was when i really started to have it kick off. but i still will forever be thankful that i decided to create this

summary of this year

i think that's far more than enough of talking about last year though. this page is supposed to be about 2022! so how was my 2022? well, this page, as said before, should give you an insight into how my year was. some sort of review and recap, while also acknowledging the changes in my life and how i feel about it. i guess, in simple terms, this is some sort of summary of myself as a person in the year 2022

i believe in change as a person, and being 17 as of now, i definitely grew up mentally and physically throughout this year. i think this is the first year i have truly felt close to adulthood, or at least, close to a teenager close to adulthood (which i suppose is exactly what i am). from getting a job, to juggling school work, to working on my college stuff, and much much more. i can't lie and say that it is all good. it's scary, to be honest. but growing up is interesting- and i think i'm glad i'm experiencing it

i would dislike to focus on the bad stuff. honestly, i would like to downright ignore it. but unfortunately, the death of my grandfather- that of whom i called 'batman'- was a big turning point in my life this year. this has been my first birthday and christmas without him. it's hard to deal with. but i think that through art and other coping mechanisms, i've begun to deal with it more. at least i would hope so...

2022 recap

so let's just get into this, let's talk about how my year was! i would be extremely surprised yet maybe a little flattered if anyone went through this all. but here we go! to celebrate the new year and welcome year of the rabbit, 2023, let's see how my year was!

Life in 2022

new experiences/firsts

i would arguably say that 2022 was the year of mine with the most new experiences. so what was one of my first new experience this year? well, i would say it would be this site and Neocities itself. although i made this site itself sometime in 2019 and started editing it in 2021, 2022 was really when it kicked off. due to family issues, i wasn't very consistent for the first few months but ever since, 2022 has been a year of updates on Neocities. i'm so proud of this site aside from Neocities, i also began doing work for AP art. ever since i was in 5th grade, i've wanted to be in AP art and this year i've started the process of getting in! through doing art for scholastic art and writing contest and just creating things i never thought i would, i've been doing lots to further my art journey. on the topic of art, this year i'd say that art fight was way different than it was for me last year. i made thirty-two attacks/friendly fires/etc and got 2080.25 points. i'm super happy! i hope that next year i can do even more

i made a huge milestone in my life this year i got my first job! i got my first job in May of this year. unfortunately, the workplace was very toxic and i did experience ableism there but the fact of the matter is i got a job and that's what i view as a big milestone. i think that perhaps me sticking up for myself and quitting my first job would count as a new experience itself as well. right now, i'm definitely much happier with my current job. speaking of 'jobs', (i guess this part counts as a job?) i've finally started working on my games! specifically, i've begun development on my Yume Nikki fangame, Phantasmagorical. you can check out updates and developments on my Tumblr art/game dev blog and my

in 2024 summer, it's my plan that i will be going on a trip to Japan with three of my friends. as such, i've been practicing Japanese any time i can. this year i've practiced all hiragana and katakana, as well as learned around 20 kanji. i'm super excited to start studying for the JLPT! self expression is something i'm super passionate about when it comes to myself and as such, this year i dabbled in many different aspects of that especially regarding hairstyles and my fashion. this year i wore different fashion to school, i got all dressed up for hangouts, and more. i may have gotten a lot of weird looks but it was worth it to actually be able to express myself through my clothes. i hope to do more next year! with hairstyles, i went through a TON this year. i got tomboyish sidetails, a pixie cut, had long hair for a while, and then completely shaved my head to get a fresh start. i also dyed my hair multiple times with pink and blue, just pink, and kept it blonde sometimes

i went on King Da Ka at Six Flags for the first time this summer. i've always been meaning to go on it, but it was always either closed or had too long of a line whenever i would visit. i nearly lost my glasses but it was worth it. i also went to my first Rocky Horror Picture Show performance, a live shadowcast during Pride Month. i was able to be a part of the awesome virgin ceremony where we made animal orgasm noises. love that shit. later on in the year, i went to a friend's shadowcast at her college as well!

and now of course, the inevitable sad/serious stuff. this year i dealt with my first major death in a family and have spent the greater part of this year coping with it. from psychiatrist sessions (unfortunately i can't afford a therapist) to new antidepressants, i have been slowly but surely working towards a better way of coping and surviving with this loss and trauma. i miss my grandfather dearly but in the next year, i will continue to remember him while making sure i'm able to get through such a rough period

oh also, i got super high for the first time. that's not any actual real big experience it was just really funny. i ate an entire banana split and i have no memory of it. i was supposed to take lozenge but i actually took a gummy and there is WAY more in that than the lozenge. so yeah.

things i did

this year was full of varying experiences to be honest. but i would like to pay more attention on the positives. so, well. let's just go to the stuff i did this year. first of all, i went to disney! the context? not that happy. i was in florida for my grandfather's heart failure and i just ended up having the time to visit disney for one day. it was sort of surreal honestly. first time i was there since 2012. i also was able to go on the little mermaid ride, something i had only saw being made when i went there. i only missed the opening of that ride by 2 months...!

one of the things that i've been waiting for for years is a dnd campaign. and this year we finally did it! well, i guess it's a bit different than what i expected. i'm the DM and i started running curse of strahd. however, i think it's genuinely an amazing experience so far.

queendom 2 happened early on in the year and although loona lost it was still so so awesome. and then, i saw loona live. i still can't believe it. i met them since i had a hi touch and it was so so fucking awesome. i have an image with me and loona and sure there's a ton of other people but i still can't believe i saw them. i know things are tough with them now and i wish them the best. i hope that this year brings greatness for them- i hope they get out of their shitty company. even if that means i won't see them live as loona again i still support them. i'll always remember haseul responding to my crying “i love you” with “i love you too”.

although it ended with me closing my etsy shop because of a ton of fees, i started selling keychains this year. my Delicious Party Precure keychains to be specific. i still have a ton that i'm planning on selling if i get into artists alley. i also went to the American Dream Mall and by extension Nickelodeon Universe which was so fun! the invader zim ride wasn't open which made me very sad but i got a pic next to the Gir so it was worth it anyway. i hope i can go back sometime soon honestly. someplace else i went to is the zoo in October for art. i had a lot of fun, and made best friends with the bird exhibit birds. it was just cause i had food but it's ok it was worth it.

now let's go through a quick rundown of the rest of the stuff. me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 years since this November! i went to Six Flags with my friends twice this year. once with a big group and another with just my one friend. i created my pokémon trainersona Banica! OH AND I SAW LADY GAGA that was fucking crazy. i did a lot with art and experimented. did a few commissions too! i think that's all i got for this section

Media & Recap Meme

media this year

i had so many new media experiences this year!! this section will just go through a quick rundown of some of the most important media that made my 2022.

Moral Orel
alright. i had to put this at the top. i went into Moral Orel knowing only two things about it. one: whatever was on the doesthedogdie website (i didn't read the specifics) and two: that there was a good depiction of age regression in it. these were literally the only things i knew. and oh my fucking god. this is one of if not the best shows i have watched in a long long time. there are only two episodes in this entire show that i would argue are genuinely bad and that s1e2 and s2e1 and even then it's mostly because their message just does not get across as well. and. did not age well. but aside from that, this is one of the most surreal mindfuck exploration of religious trauma and generational trauma that i've ever seen. it starts off as a funny little comedy about christianity bad and then it gets worse and worse and worse. and it was made in 2005, which surprised me so much cause it's surprisingly really progressive? there's a whole episode about one of the characters being a lesbian and before it was cancelled there was also gonna be another lesbian. man, i just always wish it wasn't cancelled. but hey, at least the last episode was still good. if you haven't ever watched moral orel, i highly recommend it to you. it's funny when it wants to be and it's serious and heartbreaking when it has to be. it's so realistic that sometimes i had to pause it and literally just stare at the screen. also sandy cheeks voices orel puppington. stream No Children by The Mountain Goats

Delicious Party Precure
2022's Pretty Cure! i've been keeping up with precure weekly since healin' good and this year thankfully was no different! i have mixed feelings about delipapre. on one hand, i enjoyed the characters greatly. but then on the other, there was really like. a lack of story i guess? like sometimes it just felt like a lot of fluff. even so, i enjoyed it a lot. cure finale and yum-yum are my favorites this season. but rosemary really stole the show. they're one of my favorite supporting cast members. i also really liked black pepper of course! i want more boys in precure. i would love really just anything like cure sunshine actually. we should make lgbt people real in pretty cure. delipapre isn't completely over yet but i still count it as a part of my 2022 medias because, well, that's just how Pretty Cure works. i think this year's was really solid and i hope next year's even better!

Re:Cutie Honey
alright. wow. so i watched the original 70s Cutie Honey too but i felt the need to put this here instead because it is. wow. Re:Cutie Honey is genuinely one of my favorite magical girl animes ever. and i am the most autistic person about magical girls so you should trust me. it is such a great adaptation while still being its own thing. it's also really lesbian! it reminds me a lot of paswg if it was actually uh. good. teehee. i have varying opinions on Panty and Stocking. but really, this was just great all around. really sexual but in a funny way unlike the original manga that ended up being just a lot of r*pe jokes. natsuko aki as a character is so amazing as well. it makes me upset that she's not the same in all adaptations but i guess i can handle it. really, re:cutie honey feels so mondern it scared me that it was made in 2004. if you're looking for something super cool and funny but also really sexual without being actual hentai then this is for you. and it also gets actually serious and makes me cry because it's gay. god. i love this anime

Lupin the III: The Plot of the Fuma Clan
my friend came over and forced me to watch lupin the third stuff. but i felt like i should put this in here because i did actually genuinely enjoy this movie. i really like goemon and i think that (i'm sorry for p5 on main) yusuke was kind of based on him. he has autism guy swag and i just like him a lot. i think i wanna get into more lupin iii stuff but i just haven't had the time to yet. i think i'll put that as some media to get into this year. i really like when i'm able to at least get into any media that my friends like because it makes me happy since i love when my friends get into media that i like. i also liked the girl of course because i like women and i think that i should watch that one movie about her. my friend said i would really like her and i trust her because i find fujiko extremely attractive. i didn't watch many movies this year so this was one of the very few ones that i had watched but i still enjoyed it a lot

Validate: Struggling Singles in Your Area
i cried over this because of the trans autistic lesbian representation. i love emhari so much. one of my actual fucking favorite games of the year. everything was so well written and i've been following the development of this game for years so to see it actually being released was so cathartic to me. validate is a visual novel and so i actually haven't finished all the routes but i have done enough to the point where i can say that this is so amazing. it just really feels like just an average ass life of a few people. but at the same time the stories are just beautiful and talk about a lot of things that i never see talked about in other media. it's a cesspool of fucked up adults who just are all usually gay. i have had so much fun just playing this game whenever i have the downtime. also funny story: my mother gets emails for when i buy games on steam so when i bought this she thought i got scammed by some steam dating website because of the "struggling singles in your area" part of the game title. it was a little bit funny and silly

Chucky Season 2
sigh. i have weird feelings about this. i liked it, really. i did. but i also fucking hated it. chucky is so campy and just ridiculous all the time. so it was unfair of me to believe that there would be a genuine story. however, they TRIED to get a genuine story and that failed miserably. they just keep bringing shit back to fuck up the plotline and it's getting a little stale. enough being a dudebro and criticizing it though, i really loved this despite my annoyance. i love nica pierce so just seeing any of her was a pleasure. i also really enjoyed glen and glenda but the fucking doll comeback was too much for me to handle why are they so ugly it's really just too much. i think really i just need don mancini to learn how to write disabled characters. however, i enjoyed the immense amount of jennifer tilly in this season. i would like to get to know her carnally.

Kamikaze Girls
if re:cutie honey was about a lolita girl. this movie is basically a god for lolitas. i dabble in lolita but i am too poor to actually have lolita stuff so i haven't really gotten into it too much but this movie? this movie. i understand why it is seen as a god. it is so fucking funny yet also extremely sad. and yes, they are lesbians. no matter what anyone tells you, the main characters are lesbians. this movie is beautifully shot, beautifully written, etc. etc. plus it has so many awesome outfits of the main character because it's actual lolita coords from baby the stars shine bright- an actual company. really, i'm so surprised that i haven't seen this movie before. it reminds me a lot of re:cutie honey i know i said that before but it really is basically just the live action re:cutie honey but if it was about a lolita and a sukeban. this shit is the blueprint. please watch this movie.

recap meme

i wanted to do this random year recap meme so let's do this
1. 🏳️‍🌈 😟 🫠 🤩 😬 🤨 😊 💀 💼
2. 60/100
3. probably this
4. umm maybe when i went to six flags with all my friends or my birthday
5. i learned that sometimes people aren't gonna change and i'm just gonna have to accept that
6. a lot but especially just the fact that i didn't stay with my grandfather for a while more on that last day we had seen him irl
7. francis forever by mitski sorry guys im insane
8. i saw LOONA live!!
9. my grandfather died lol
10. this site itself
11. me and my girlfriend have been dating for a full ass two years so that's literally it
12. i think i did the most i could've
13. all of my friends really. just for hanging around with me this year
14. my grandfather
15. gifts for my friends during christmas Orz
16. dude idk probably a lot
17. i did a lot of art, art fight, i made a lot of stuff for this site, i started working on my game, i got relatively good grades for class
18. yes.
19. my friends and my interests
20. yes. i think that i've genuinely started to change for the better this year
21. my one day trip to disney
22. august
23. kamikaze girls but that isnt from this year. if we're talking movies actually from this year uhhh bullet train was good
24. violence by queen bee
25. moral orel.
26. so scared of that
27. 9+10 is 21
28. i don't really know i'm just too pretty to pick
29. yes, a lot
30. my bedroom with my cat
31. grief
32. love you too

Upcoming Year


Well, now we can talk about my goals for 2023. I was never one for resolutions necessarily. Instead I call them goals- and I use the New Year simply just as a motivation.

Make a roleplay server & be active in it
Since last year I’ve been wanting to make a roleplay server since I've been meaning to get back into RP. Although I got into one server, I didn't really like it- and now I'm trying to create my own! This year, I hope to be able to start running it and actually get more into roleplaying through this server

Study Japanese
I've been studying Japanese since 2020 but really now, I'm getting serious about it. My goal for this year is to pass the N5. This will be sometime around July and then another part in December I think- at least if it's the same sort of schedule as this year's N5. I want to have passed N5 and be studying for N4 by the time 2024 rolls around!

Save money for 2024 Japan Trip
In 2024, I plan to go on a trip to Japan with a few friends. I've already started saving but I need to get a ton of money for this trip! I'm going to be creating a spreadsheet and having an entire jar of physical money for this trip because I am so determined to make it happen. I'm taking as many shifts as possible because I have to go!!! Plus I'm hoping commissions will help as well…Wish me luck.

Have More DND Sessions!
A big goal for 2023 is to make my DND campaign even better than before. I want to work more with NPCs, be better at roleplaying, and understanding the fighting system and stuff. I also want to make this Curse of Strahd really my own and not just do it by the book. I've already began doing this and it's going really good. I'm super excited to have a much better and less awkward DND sessions.

This is realy all the big ones! The rest are going in my private goals teehee. Happy New Year! Now, scram!