player rank: 53 player id: NTKZK2221 guild: coogie world
main ep high score: 3,357,212,396 sp. 1 high score: 1,882,198,513 sp. 2 high score: 99,275

i started playing cookie run around late 2015-early 2016. when i started first, ovenbreak had just come out but i originally started on LINE cookie run. soon enough though, i was completely far gone playing ovenbreak almost every day. sometime mid-2016 i fell off but picked it back up late 2017 and ever since then, i've been on a different account from my original 2016 one playing.

i must make it clear that i only play ovenbreak and indulge in that game lol. i never really liked when it started going off into kingdom and becoming too story based. yknow...they're just cookies. i just think kingdom and new cookie run fandom/kingdom only players are shit but like in the kindest way possible.

cookie run is perfect for my little autistic mind, it's mindless repeating games with an easy way to get the currency. that being said, i have never made a single purchase in cookie run. i am proud of this. i have gotten on the worldwide leaderboard before and i have gotten to many high ranks on the other play modes. i am insane

although i dont enjoy the more story aspect in recent years, i do love the overall lore including some of the comics and the in game stories that existed in ovenbreak. the mini stories that every cookie has is just so charming and endearing and i enjoy the relationships they have as well. despite the comics being er....well weird, i like a lot of them since theyre some fun insight in the world without it being way too edgy and deep like kingdom

i know cookie run is kinda shit but it has a soft spot in my heart and is definitely one of my go-to mobile games. even if i don't play for a while i always find myself coming back when i'm bored. it's not just a mindless game its a pretty mindless game. and at least it has more play modes lol

that's about all i have to say about the game itself, i just really love it. ovenbreak has been a favorite game of mine since i first got it!

having played cookie run for such a long time, it's no wonder that i'm kinda insane with wanting to complete/max out everything. this section includes everything relating to that!

cookies: 146/147
4 17 114 10 1
pets: 149/150
4 17 118 7 2
treasures: 90/90
15 74 1

completely maxed out cookies:
(max affection, max + blessed magic candy and max lvl)

(only) max lvl cookies:

max affection:

diamond cookie trial rank:

max lvl pets:

max lvl treasures:

costumes: 85/195
24 36 17 8 0
list of costumes:

trophy race team:

it's hard to choose just one favorite but if i had to, i'd say rasberry mousse cookie is my favorite cookie! he reminds me so much of utena, especially his noble knight captain outfit. i love his design and overall the fencing motif. also i think he's a he/him lesbian and is dating rose cookie.

dark choco cookie is a very close second favorite. ever since i've gotten the game i've loved them so much. although i don't interact or read the kingdom storyline, i absolutely adore their pre-kingdom background and tragic characters just always strike me as the best.

i'm very basic and as such, i like whipped cream cookie a lot. he was my favorite for a long time after his release but he's been overthrown. i love his design and his skill is probably one of my favorites. he's just such a sweetie.

a few years back i was so upset that banana cookie was LINE-exclusive. when she came to ovenbreak i nearly shat myself. she has such a good design and she's seriously just so awesome. i love clown and circus motifs so of course he and all the other circus-y cookies hold a special place in my heart.

nonbinary bisexual icon real. i love dj cookie and the nod to rave culture that they represent. their visor, skills, and almost everything abt them is just so aesthetically pleasing to me.

although as an actual treat, earl gray cookie sounds sort of disgusting, he is one of the only male cookie run characters i like as much as i do. i love "fancy" and elegent characters and earl gray cookie is just one example of them. plus i love earl gray tea just not in the form of a cookie

and now some honorable mentions

here's some miscellaneous links and other stuff abt cookie run + graphics

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other resources can be found on the fandom wiki, reddit, and other sites relating to cookie run! more links may be added

my fav cool/funny vids
evolution of cookie run . cookie run iceberg . the funniest fucking video ever . cookie heaven . the scrunklies . let's drop dead parody . what even is this . what even is this pt 2 . you will marry me!! . was obsessed w this in 2018 still kinda am . official animations . mintcocoa comic :)


D doesn't neccessarily mean i hate them mostly i just dont care. some i hate tho.

graphics: (press for cred if i can find it)