welcome to, a personal site and love letter to individuality and all of my interests fueled by my autism. no social media comes as close to neocities when it comes to customization and because of this, a good chunk of my neocities is dedicated to my personal ramblings and special interests. i tend to create pages and works based off just whatever i find currently interesting to me and i use this site in of itself to practice coding.

my entire website is a passion project of self expression! being able to have my little corner of the internet all to myself is so special to me especially without the common discourse that comes from other social media such as twitter/tumblr. my site isn't all just for me though, as i adore collecting things. it can be used as a resource and archive for other people as well! i hope you all can find some sort of happiness through my site as that's the best thing for me to get out of this project!

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when it comes to me, my name is chara, a 17 year old high school student, and i'm the webmaster of this site. i go by it/xe pronouns and i'm a genderfluid (TME) autistic and physically disabled lesbian. i've been coding since i first went on tumblr sometime around 2015. ever since then, coding has been a hobby for me. if you wanna know more about me you can check out my about page or any of my other pages under the personal tab of my navigation!

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when will this site be finished? this site will never be actually "finished" in simple terms. i have so many things i wanna do with this site that it's impossible for it to one day be finished and even if i get all the pages done, i will really never wanna keep everything one way.please remember this isn't a site for anything professional. it is all personal!
can i use your code/graphics? i have a credits page for everything i feel as though needs to be credited and much of the graphics on my page aren't my own. however, i do not really find it comfortable to use the same exact graphics as me or to use my own made graphics without asking or credit. when it comes to code, just don't steal an entire layout and you should be good. if you need code resources you can find them many places but i have a page too for them! please just don't steal someone's hard work :(
what does this site have? whatever i want it to have! i really don't have a set theme or anything that makes it so i can't have one thing or another. i just do what i want really
why is this called hunipyon? i'm gonna be honest i wanted a new name for my social media presence as it used to be c6twalk, based off of envy catwalk the song, but i really didn't vibe with it because of the 6 in it. i wanted just a regular phrase and somehow through a mix of almost using hunipop (before remembering that was a game.) and really loving onomatopoeias for animals, i came up with hunipyon. it's actually the name of most of my social media pages lol
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ask code questions or send any comments!


4.14.23march & april diary made. working on quotes & help resources
1.30.23began hc shrine & made a list of updates i'm planning on. began feb 2023 diary layout
1.18.23haven't been marking my updates- need to do that! jan 2023 diary and working on new layouts
12.18.22lots of updates have happened but mostly december diary & song jrnl layout update
11.19.22began yume nikki and fangame shrine. also became a supporter :P
11.10.22 quiz results page is live! created november diary page 11.6.22 finished my homepage completely!! new hunipyon new me